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CPSC Low Lead Test Report
RE: USA CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) – Improvement Act
    Referring to the new improvement act of CPSC, which is imposed for consumer products primarily intended for children twelve years of age or younger, we would like to clarify our products of souvenirs, promotional products and gifts & premiums should be different category from the product range that the new act targeted.  After all, since its execution will be determined by the Customs, we would like to perform following reactions in order to assist our customers, in hope of easing their concerns. 

    Our Company Group would like to exercise the following measures : 

    1. We would carry out testing on lead content of our raw materials and sample products (not based on one's OEM-end products) :
    -- metal materials,
    -- color filling/printing paint materials & epoxy,
    -- lanyard products including the printing paint,
    -- embroidery products including normal and metallic threads, etc.
    The report will be posted on our company website on or before 05 Dec 2008.(Remarks : For our types of Pewter materials, it is not able to pass the test.  Specially request will find supplier to produce #0 of pure tin.) 

    2. Customers shall understand the Customs restrictions and import requirements of own country, as well as one's product market and end-users.  If needed tests on own designed end products, please bring up the concerns during enquiry process and upon order placement, so that we can help to check the possible proceeding, in order to avoid any misunderstanding.  We shall not take the responsibility if goods are held by Customs due to CPSC clause in the case that customers do not propose the test requirement beforehand.  

    3. Please note, if there is no other agreements, fees of testing own designed end products will be at customer's cost.  

    4.Under circumstances that no testing has been done on the shipments, we shall not apply label or shipping documents containing any meaning or claiming about the CPSC. 

    Being a responsible supplier, we believe we should declare mutual obligation and responsibility.  Sorry for any inconvenience that may be caused.  We hope we can go through this hand in hand and keep business co-operation as usual. 
     We have take our raw material to test for  low lead & following have passed the CPSIA request.  Enclosed total 22 attachment of "STR" test report.  
    Do notice Pewter is only #0 material can pass the test, which is not all the pewter can pass.

A Metal products    
  cooper   C10341305
  bronze   C10341306
  iron   C10341307
  aluminum   C10341310
  zinc alloy   C10341308
  petwer #0   C10341311
  imitation hard enamel   C10341318
  soft enamel   C10341317
  silkscreen printing   C10341313
  offset printing   C10341315
  plating   C10341319
B Embroidery patches    
  twill background   C10361366
  felt background   C10361358
  black thread and metallic gold thread   C10361355
C Lanyards    
  polyester lanyards   C10341338
  printing ink for lanyards   C10341337
D Soft PVC and silicone products    
  soft PVC   C10341332
  printing ink for soft PVC products   C10341326
  silicone   C10341325
  printing ink for silicone products   C10341324
  EN71 Test Report    
E Metal products    
  1. Raw material    
  iron   C20771143
  zinc alloy   C20771147
  bronze   C20771155
  black nickel plating   C20771140
  nickel plating   C20771146
  brass plating   C20771144
  gold plating   C20771148
  3. Color    
  silkscreen printing   C20771150
  offset printing   C20771151
  soft enamel   C20771153
  imitation hard enamel   C20771154
F Lanyard    
  Prinitng ink for polyester lanyard   C20771158


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