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Iron Soft Enamel
Stamped iron soft enamel is comparative cheaper price, which is more suitable for large quantity orders.  The result is similar as stamped soft enamel, the only different is the iron material instead of copper.  The different between iron and brass material in stamping method:  1) use a magnet: If the pins stuck on magnet, it is iron material.  2) check the metal area on pins: If the surface is rough, then it is iron material.  if the metal surface without color fill in area is more shining, then it is brass or copper material.  Because iron material, we usually without polished.  If the iron material is adding polished result, then it is difficult for client to know where it is iron or copper material. 

Iron Enamel 1
Iron Enamel 2   b010949  Iron Enamel 3
Iron Enamel 4b011373
Iron Enamel 5b011608
Iron Enamel 6b011835

Iron Enamel 7p011746
Iron Enamel 8p011745

Iron Enamel 9b009785

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