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We are the lanyard manufacturer which providing different kind of innovative promotional items, such as heat & cold transfer printing lanyards, silkscreen printing lanyard, offset printing lanyard, reflective lanyards, woven lanyards, glow-in-the-dark lanyards, woven wrist and luggage belts, phone holder lanyards, silicon lanyards, dog leashes, short strap and hand straps, neck straps, shoelaces, rubberized printing lanyards, woven & imprinted satin lanyards, foam printing lanyards, phone holders, bottle carrier/ holder lanyard, silicon wristbands, ID badge lanyard with carabine hooks and buckles, cord strap.  We have all kinds of plastic buckles, metal hooks and clips for your lanyards customization need.  Also we can proceed products according to customers' original design or counter sample.
The logo with Heat Transfer printing way will be more elegant and durable than normal printing.  Color of logo are syncretic into white band under the power of heat.  Slippery polyester material is the best one to print on, since the surface of polyester band is smooth enough, the color of logo can perfectly inleak into the band without destroying the integrity of the whole logo.  With heat-transfer, the logo printed on smooth surface and have a fine touch feeling.  The heat transfer way can manage no matter how complicated logo and process color, for example, continual real picture.

Offset printing method is a combination of heat-transfer and silk-screen printing.  With offset printing, will be a bit 3D which you cna feel with touching.  The offset printing way can only manage process color with less complicated logo. 

Woven lanyard can have logo on single or double layers.

The standard size of wrist and luggage belt lanyard, the width of wrist belts can be 38mm, and length between 140-170cm.  The width of luggage belts can be 45mm-50mm, the length is usually within 150cm. 

Tube Lanyard 1    p008631
Tube Lanyard  2     p009187
Tube lanyard w/ Silkscreen Printing 3
Polyester lanyard with Silkscreen Printing 4
Polyester lanyard  5
 Reflective lanyards 6
Polyester lanyard + satin lanyard + printing 7    
Heat-transfer Lanyard  8   p011345 
Heat-transfer Lanyard 9
Heat-transfer lanyard 10   
Woven lanyard 11 
Woven lanyard 12 


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